Diana Lowe

Diana Lowe enjoys working with individuals and families to bring them peace of mind. Clients find that her understanding of issues facing seniors enables them to make the right decisions when faced with confusing choices. Ms. Lowe is a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary and a general member of the Professional Fiduciary Association of California.

Prior to becoming a CLPF in 2012, Diana gained experience in many forms of client services, management, and property claim processing. In the health insurance industry, Ms. Lowe evaluated clients’ needs and helped them secure affordable health care policies. While in the property insurance industry, she acted as a field adjuster dealing with a wide range of property valuation, claimant services, and payout recommendations. As a volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Association, Ms. Lowe was an ambassador for the local chapter to members of congress. These experiences form an essential part of the background required to deal with the diverse set of needs and issues arising in the duties of a professional fiduciary.

Ms. Lowe has a bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration with a concentration in Long-Term Care from the University of Phoenix. She loves to go on long bike rides, explore new places, and spend time with family on the weekends.