You Get Peace of Mind When you Hire Professional Fiduciaries to Manage Your Affairs


A “living trust” is a revocable trust you can set up in your lifetime to control and manage your affairs. You can serve as the trustee or co-trustee.


Conservatorship is a legal relationship between a competent adult and a person who is no longer able to make their own responsible decisions. The conservator must be appointed by the court and can be authorized to make legal, financial, and health care decisions and reports to the court on a regular basis. If you suspect that you may no longer be able to make decisions for yourself, you can ask the court to allow you to nominate someone ahead of time to be your conservator or guardian.

Power of Attorney for Finance

You can also choose an agent to be your power of attorney to handle your financial and legal matters. A power of attorney document can be written to be as expansive or as limited as you want.

Representative Payee

Representative Payee is a person designated by the Social Security Administration or other retirement plans to receive the income and pay the expenses of an incapacitate individual.

Power of Attorney for Healthcare

Power of attorney for health care uses a document called an Advanced Healthcare Directive. If you become incapacitated to the point where you can no longer speak for yourself, the person you appoint as your power of attorney can step in for you to see that your wishes are met. Choosing someone ahead of time let’s you control to some degree what kind of care you get. Family members can not always be the right person, sometimes they simply don’t have the time to spend seeing that you get the right care.