Why Hire A Fiduciary?

Why Hire A Fiduciary?

Most people assume that their family or close friends will take over for them when they can no longer manage their affairs because, who else are they going to trust? ´╗┐Professional Fiduciaries have had specific training in handling trusts and estates and have passed a licensing exam through the Professional Fiduciary Bureau (www.Fiduciary.ca.gov). Professional Fiduciaries are governed by state statute. Each California County has Probate Court as part of its Superior Court system. Courts may appoint a Professional Fiduciary as a neutral third party to protect vulnerable and incapacited people from abuse, neglect and exploitation. Professional Fiduciaries may also become members of the Professional Fiduciary Association of California (PFAC). Members must abide by the PFAC Code of Ethics and subscribe to ensuring the highest standards of ethics in their practice. Over 15 hours of continuing education is required each year to maintain their membership with PFAC and keep their license active with the Professional Fiduciary Bureau. Hiring a Professional Fiduciary who is also a member of PFAC is your best bet in finding someone you can trust. Using a Professional Fiduciary who is also a member of PFAC raises the bar for continuing education and offers support to carry out our mission to be dedicated to serving and protecting the best interests of those who have placed their trust in us.

The Professional Fiduciary Association of California has created a website to address some of the misconceptions surrounding guardianships (known as Conservatorships here in California), highlighted by the recent Netflix movie, I Care A lot. We encourage you to open the link to decipher facts from fiction here California. CLICK HERE to view CaliforniaConservatorshipFacts.com.

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